Unleash Your Unstoppable Self with Seek To Do More.

Why Settle for Ordinary When Extraordinary is Within Reach?

If you're battling with fading confidence, dwindling energy, or a stagnant approach to your fitness goals,
it's time to shake things up.

Step 1: Embrace a Life of Purpose

Choose to stop dreaming and start doing. Living with
intention is the first step towards a powerful life—where every action aligns
with your ultimate goals.

Step 2: Kickstart Your Transformation

Dive into the 30-Day Recalibration Challenge. This is
more than a workout program- it's a springboard for full transformation. Day by
day, you’ll build the resilience and grit needed to become your strongest self.

Step 3: Build Daily Discipline

True change is a marathon, not a sprint. Commit to Seek
To Do More’s system of daily actions that drive growth. Convert challenges into
milestones in your relentless pursuit of greatness.

Step 4: Embrace Your Unstoppable Self

Witness the transformation unfold as you embody the essence of perseverance and determination.
Become the master of your
fate to experience a life without limits.


Unlock your true potential through Seek To Do More’s 7 Daily Commitments

Seek To Do More is more than your usual “program”. It’s a daily system that strengthens all of you – your physical fitness, your mental toughness, and your spiritual wellbeing – all crucial areas in your journey towards relentless self-improvement.

By committing to Seek To Do More, you're sculpting a new, stronger version of yourself – one that’s ready to tackle any obstacle with unyielding determination.

  • Physical Transformation: Customized training programs for a stronger, leaner, healthier you.

  • Mental Resilience: Daily commitments that sharpen your mind.

  • Spiritual Growth: Practices to deepen self-awareness and inner peace.

  • Community Support: An empowering network of goal-seekers for continuous inspiration.

In 30 days, emerge not just physically stronger, but mentally sharper and spiritually enriched. Seek To Do More is more than a program; it’s a gateway to a life where limits are redefined, and potential is ceaselessly explored.

Join us on this transformative adventure, where every commitment leads you closer to becoming the most unstoppable version of yourself.

Meet The Creator Of Seek To Do More:

James Appleton: A Journey from Ordinary to Extraordinary

Once trapped in the grasp of mediocrity, James's life was a mirror of underachievement and complacency. Then something sparked a profound awakening within him, fatherhood. Fueled by a newfound purpose, he embarked on a transformative journey.

This wasn't just about “getting in shape” though, it was about redefining his identity and purpose. James's path involved shedding more than just weight; it was about discarding doubts and shattering self-imposed limits.

James's transformation became a mission to empower others. His experiences, forged in the fires of self-discipline and resilience, shaped the Seek To Do More program. His philosophy?

A strong body builds a strong mind, and a strong mind builds a strong life.

James brings more than just expertise; he brings a story that resonates with authenticity. He's walked the path and faced the battles, emerging with a system that awakens the sleeping giant within everyone.

As your guide, James combines authoritative insight with an empathetic understanding of the challenges of change. Seek To Do More is more than a program – it's James's vision of a world where limits are mere starting points, and true potential is an endless journey.

Join him and step into a life where 'unstoppable' is not just a state of being, but a way of living.

The 7 Daily Commitments of the 30-Day Recalibration Program

Seek To Do More's 30-Day Recalibration Program consists of seven daily commitments
that’ll elevate your life - physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Here’s the lowdown on the commitments that’ll forge the new you:

Get Moving - Physical Activity Commitment

Engage in a challenging physical activity for at least 30 minutes. This means at least 2% of your day is dedicated to improving your fitness and health. Whether it's a workout at the gym, a run, brisk walk, yoga, hiking, or any form of exercise that challenges you. The goal is to build physical strength and improve overall fitness, setting a foundation for a healthier lifestyle. Working out is a privilege not a chore, so we must celebrate that privilege daily.

Fuel Right - Protein and Hydration Commitment

Focus on nourishing your body with the right foods and staying hydrated. Proper protein and water intake are the foundations for proper nutrition no matter your goals. Whether your goal is to burn fat and lose weight, or build muscle and strength, protein and hydration are key. This commitment is about developing healthy eating habits that sustain your energy and support your goals.

Ignite Your Mind - Reading Commitment

Commit to reading a real book every day. Turning actual pages helps your mind break free from the pull of constant internet scrolling and builds mental strength and cognitive function that will serve you in many areas. Pick up any book of your choice and absorb the words on the pages.

Stay Curious - Continuous Learning Commitment

Commit to intentionally pursue new knowledge every day. This could involve taking online courses, listening to podcasts, attending workshops, or simply exploring a new hobby. Continuous learning keeps your mind sharp and opens doors to new opportunities and experiences.

Connect Within - Spiritual Growth Commitment

Spend time each day in activities that foster spiritual growth, self-awareness, and inner peace. This may be through meditation, prayer, self-reflection, or faith-based pursuits. Connect with yourself so you can put the best version of yourself into the world around you.

Connect With Others - Relationship Building Commitment

Actively nurture your important relationships by connecting with loved ones, friends, or colleagues. It’s about strengthening your social bonds and showing appreciation and care for those around you. Relationships whither when they aren't properly nurtured, so intentionally strengthen the relationships that matter because we aren't meant to be alone.

Pursue Passions - Personal Joy and Hobby Commitment

Engage in activities that bring you joy and fulfillment. Whether it’s a hobby, an artistic pursuit, or a leisure activity, make sure to allocate time to do things that you love and that make you happy.

Join Our Community of Unstoppable 'Doers'

At Seek To Do More, we believe in the power of community to inspire, support, and elevate each individual's journey. Our community is a dynamic and diverse group of people, all united by one common goal: to become the strongest versions of themselves.

“This program changed my life. I recently got knocked down by life. This program has given me

focus. So I turned to my daily habits and commitments instead of falling back into the old ways of

Sara. The old drinking and crap diet spiral. I am beyond thankful for this. The sky is the limit for the

first time in my life. I believe that and I believe in myself.”

—Sara W. (New York)

"S2DM has called me out on my bullsh*t by keeping me accountable and forcing me to hold myself

to a higher standard.”

—Justin P. (Vermont)

“For 20 years I have never been able to hold myself accountable to accomplish my goals. This program

is changing that because it’s working.”

—Nate G. (Massachusetts)

“The Seek To Do More community has been such a n inspiration and great support. I love a community

that’s always clapping for each other and allowing each other to win and succeed without bringing

them down.”

—Shaine K. (New York)

Start Your Journey with Seek To Do More

The 30-Day Recalibration Program awaits you, offering a path to a stronger, more fulfilled version of yourself. It's time to embrace the challenge, to recalibrate, refocus, and renew your commitment to personal growth and excellence. Join a community that inspires, supports, and motivates each other towards greatness.

Don't let this opportunity slip away. Every day is a chance to progress, to build a life you're proud of. Click below and start your journey to becoming unstoppable.

Your future self is waiting to see what you can become.

Are you ready to awaken the sleeping giant within you?

Take the first step today.

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